Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Save the Boobies

In the last few years, more attention has turned to raising money for breast cancer research, and all kinds of merchandise, including IPods, wrist bracelets, boxing gloves, and even the labels of Campbells soup cans, turned pink to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Even Orek vacuums have pink models available, which would tickle any lass who wanted to save her breasts AND rid her floor of dust at the same time.

I'm all for encouraging mammograms and good breast health, but the cause wouldn't gain so much attention if it didn't involve a sexy part of the female body being in peril from a notoriously evil disease. After all, where's all the attention for heart disease, which killed more than 365,000 women in 2002 and topped the Center for Disease Control and Prevention list of the most common causes of female deaths? Or cervical cancer which is the third most common cancer in the world?

But most companies are continuing to focus on chest tissues, and a women in Central New York even got a little more creative recently and introduced T-shirts, which accurately and humorously described the sexy cause as "Save the Boobies." Check it out.

And guys, if you're too masculine to push a pink vaccumm, the site does offer black T-shirts.

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