Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Inaugural Hoopla

Women's Wear Daily created a buzz recently, when it asked designers to sketch a look for Michelle's Obama's inaugural wear, and many are speculating that she'll wear something nice but not too over the top (these are hard time, ya know).

But it's worth noting the recession did not keep Barack Obama from hosting inaugural galas (such parties were cancelled from 1913 to 1945) or repeatedly asking supporters for donations to pay for the inauguration. And though people may criticize the first lady's dress for being too grand, not many will look at the bottles of champagne (which I assume will not be the $5 variety), the food, or the lavish dresses worn by thousands of other guests, mostly Democratic money bags.

But Obama will have to tread carefully. Rosslyn Carter was heavily criticized for wearing the same dress to both her husband's gubernatoral and presidential inaugurations. Probably, Hillary Clinton curdles every time a tour guide points out she donned an inaugural gown similar in color to the dress later worn by Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.

And Obama will certaintly want to skip the notoriety of having a "wardrobe malfunction" or being placed on one of the worst dressed lists of 2009.

While Barack's prepping for a momentuous speech, Michelle's going shopping. After all, what could be a better first action as first lady than wowing the crowds with a spectacular gown?

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