Thursday, January 8, 2009

Awards Season

It's that time of year again, when all the popular girls get their hair and makeup done and get their pictures taken with their arms around their date.

I'm describing a Hollywood awards shows, not a high school prom, but when you think about it, the two events are awfully similar, with the people anxiously gossiping about dates and dresses and everyone going to a pool side party afterwards to drink alcohol and continue to gossip.

But events such as the Golden Globes and the Oscars place fashion as a high priority, and it's the one time when the portion of public who doesn't subscribe to Vogue and only briefly glances at gossip raps while waiting in line at the grocery store, gets to experience designer dresses and diamond-studded shoes. With all the anticipation mounting for weeks, the press gets whipped into such a fury and finds itself asking "So what are you wearing?" to even actors in a mundane (yet pricy) tuxedo and bow tie.

With the Golden Globes approaching, I thought I'd make a few predictions about what some of the celebrities might be wearing on the red carpet on Saturday:

Tina Fey, nominated for her television show 30 Rock
Her Style: very low key, often pants and a shirt. She described her style to the blog Stylehive as "dressing like the actual fashion designer and not what they sell."
Prediction: a standard but flattering black dress without any gaudy accessories
What People Will Say: Who invited the governor of Alaska?

Brad Pitt, nominated as part of the case of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
His Style: Like most men, Brad has been known to be very relaxed in his dressing and often defies faux pas, as he did at a movie screening in New Orleans this year, when he donned a plaid shirt with a striped tie.
Prediction: a conservative black suit paired with a dark vest
What People Will Say: Oooh-la-la, Brad Pitt looks hot tonight.

Anne Hathaway, nominated as best performance in a drama for Rachel Getting Married
Her Style: She takes her fashion inspiration from Jessica Biel, she recently told People Magazine, and likes to go out in a garment that shows some skin but not the whole kit 'n caboodle. Overall, she tends to wear garments that flatter her body figure but have a girl-next-door sort of charm.
Prediction: a gown with a cut that takes people by surprise, such as a backless dress with a lot of fabric covering the neck and chest area
What People Will Say: Looks just like a princess, fit to rule in an imaginary kingdom in a Disney movie

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